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To The Top of The Mountain

This is a note I wrote a few months ago after returning from a vacation to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with what I typically blog about, but in reality it has everything to do with it. It’s truly about how we see things, our perspective and attitude. It’s all about appreciating everything and everyone, seeing the worth and value in every place and every person. Everything and everyone is perfect, just the way they are!

A few days ago I claimed to have just gotten back from visiting God at the top of the mountain where I found peace, tranquility, satisfaction, joy and perfection. As one friend described it, “I could see within my heart”, which I believe is just exactly what happened. From the hot desert in Phoenix Arizona to the cool Colorado Rocky Mountains I traveled with my husband and 15-year-old son, Zach. It was a trip that would last 8 days, and bring me new found clarity as well as raise new questions to explore.

The 3 of us climbed to over 11,000 feet to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. There were 3 lakes along the hike, each a little different and with a beauty and perfection all their own. The mountain trail ended at Emerald Lake, which was a milky green color, still and quiet, surrounded by towering mountains on all side and a large peak directly in front of us. I stood in awe of the magnificence and perfection of that location. I began climbing the rocks that surrounded the lake just to find a quieter place away from all the hikers that were resting after their long trek. I wondered what each was thinking as they were socializing with their companions. Did they take this place for granted or did they just want to conquer the mountain? Did they see the perfection, the beauty, the splendor of this divine location? I soon put their thoughts out of my mind as I soaked up the beauty from the rock I claimed as I climbed to a more private location beyond the end of the trail.

The perfection I saw in that location I thought could be no less than the work of the divine. It was filled with serenity, peacefulness, inspiration, and wonder. It evoked imagination, creativity, deep thought and the feeling of being so small and minute in the immenseness of all creation. I also had the feeling of oneness, of being a part of the whole, and I felt a connection to the universe. Everything there seemed to have its place in making this location, this one tiny but vast scene perfect, whole and breathtaking!

It reminded me of life—everyday life—with all its activity and chaos and change and routine, and all we take for granted. Why is it that wherever I am I don’t see this same perfection? Why did it take this place to open my eyes to all that is possible? If I felt peace, tranquility, satisfaction, joy and perfection here in this beautiful setting, then why is it that I didn’t see that wherever I was? Could it be that the same questions I pondered of those around me as I reached that summit were the same questions I needed to ask myself every day? Do I take my own life for granted? Do I see the beauty of everything and everyone around me every day? Do I just want to conquer the next thing on my “to do” or “bucket” list? Do I see the perfection, the beauty, the splendor and the divine in every location, every situation, every opportunity?
I left with a feeling of wholeness; of having acquired a new found appreciation for all that is wonderful in this universe. Every person is perfect and whole, every part of nature is heavenly. Just as nature is perfect for its inhabitants so is each city built to function as a whole to create an environment that fulfills each person living there. Just as we rely on others, so do others rely on us, thus making us all unique but all a part of the whole; the oneness of the universe. Quality of life exists in the mind, as does inspiration, imagination and creativity, peace, and love. The greatest gift we were given is our ability to choose how we see our world, how we react to those around us, how we treat others and ourselves. We create all that is in our own life and we have the ability to make our life truly great. I choose peace, love, tranquility, satisfaction, joy and perfection!

Peace and love to all,



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  1. This tugs so much at my heart, for it is such a painful reminder of how much we rely on these visual encounters with the beauty of nature to connect with the deepest parts of our soul. How many places I have seen in my life that fill me with awe, inspire me to renewed commitments, foster gratitude, and reinforce ties with those I love the most! And how heartbreaking it is that so much of the beauty of nature, with its many blessings, is lost to my completely blind daughter, and others I love with visual impairments. Nature is certainly theirs, too, but oh! how I would give them a window on the world if it were mine to give….

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