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Family Network TV

Hi Friends! This blog is a little different than the other’s I’ve written.

I’ve written a poem for all the moms out there raising children with special needs. I wrote it also with other women and moms in mind who don’t understand what it’s like to be one of “those” moms. I mean that light-heartedly because I’ve found that we have much to learn from each other.

We’re women, we’re moms and we all need the same things, and we need each other. Girl friends mean the world to us.  I know I need friends that “get it” and friends who don’t. Both have something special to offer in unique ways. You’ll find the poem on Family Network TV’s website at . My poem can be found here:

Family Network TV has been a great resourse and support to me and I recommend checking them out.

With love, Pam


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