Seeking Balance

When you hear the word “balance” what comes to mind?  I think of things such as walking a tightrope, doing a handspring then back flip on a balance beam (I’m a former gymnast wannabe), stacking blocks with a child, or learning to ride a bike. Those creatively stacked sculptures made with rocks perched against each other just so perfectly,  held together without any structural reinforcement also enter my mind. I visualize eating mostly healthy foods with a side of chocolate, ice cream or some other delicious dessert every now and then. I envision certain yoga poses which require great concentration, stability, steadiness and an intentional connection between body and mind. This is also what I imagine balance in life to look like; that harmonious connection between body, mind and spirit.

Finding balance seems to be one of life’s challenges for many of us, or perhaps I should just say for me, as I can’t really speak for anyone else. I wrote awhile back about taking a break from writing, social networking and socializing to seek balance in my life and discover, rediscover or create missing pieces that would help me define and create wholeness. Through my search for healing and harmony in my life I found I was very much out of sync in many areas. I couldn’t find that balance between family, friends, education, career, emotions, creating a home, my desire to help others, caring for myself and my health, and trying to be everything to everyone. I was forcing rather than allowing, speaking rather than listening, and not being true to what I knew deep inside to be the truth. In trying to find balance I’ve discovered my life is much like a puzzle with various pieces put in place, while others remain to be discovered and placed in their chosen space which is waiting to be filled.

All of us are puzzles, created with different pieces whose shapes support, embrace, intertwine and sustain each other completing a perfect picture of our life and purpose. Sometimes we don’t feel as though all those pieces are in place, or perhaps one is missing or broken, out of place or not yet revealed. I’ve certainly lived a life of jumbled puzzle pieces, slowly allowing others to put together the puzzle for me. During this self-healing journey I’ve been traveling I’ve come to realize it is I who needs to create that finished product, placing each piece in its appropriate place mindfully, consciously, willingly and lovingly. It also means embracing the unknown, and trusting divine wisdom and order are present to guide me. This remains a work in progress.

Here are a few things I’ve come to embrace. Finding balance is one of the steps to finding wholeness. Admit you don’t know all the answers. Resist the need to argue your point. Allow yourself to feel all emotions (especially those that don’t feel so good) so that you may release rather than hold on to them. Showing kindness, having compassion and learning to give and receive are interrelated. Do not judge. Expect surprises and miracles. Accept that change sometimes comes slowly, and opportunities for growth will continue to reappear if you miss them the first (or twentieth) time around. Listening to your heart is wise, and may prevent you from having to experience the same lesson multiple times. Your heart may whisper or scream but don’t ignore it, for it is your own personal life coach and a priceless gift. I’m not really as tough as I thought and I need the support of other people. I am also stronger than I thought and have the ability to make choices that serve my highest good as well as the good of others around me. Letting go of something you never thought you could do without, as well as letting go of control are both liberating. Always be grateful. Believe in yourself. Have faith and hope, and give and accept unconditional love.

Finding balance; there’s no special formula, no effortless way, no special glue to hold the pieces in place, no simple secret to be exposed. It’s about quieting your mind, listening to your heart, finding that inner space that allows you to just be, releasing, reinventing, discovering, and finding what works for you, your life, and your situation. If you’re walking this path along with me, seeking balance, harmony and wholeness, I wish you a peaceful journey. I’ve found it quite enlightening. Check out this inspirational video of one man’s idea of balance. Enjoy…

With love and light, Pam