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Special Moms

I published this poem previously but on a different forum which has been removed, so I’m reposting here on my blog. This is written for all the parents and caregivers out there raising children with special needs. I wrote it from my own perspective as a mother, but I want to recognize that in our generation there are both moms and dads equally sharing the joys and challenges of parenting. Many fathers have also taken on the role of primary caregiver and this goes out to them as well. 

I also wrote it with other women and moms in mind who don’t understand what it’s like to be one of “those” moms. I mean that light-heartedly because I’ve found we have much to learn from each other, and we’re more alike than different. We’re women, we’re moms, and we all need the same things, and we need each other. Girl friends mean the world to us. I know I need friends that “get it” as well as those who don’t. Both have something special to offer in unique ways.



Special Moms


The weekend is upon us, everyone’s ready to play,

They ask for your plans, you don’t know what to say,

Some are leaving town for a weekend away,

Many look forward to sleeping late every day.


You want to seem normal and add to the chatter,

But you know that the weekend does not really matter.

Your weekend resembles the other days of the week,

Sleeping in is something of which you don’t speak.


Do you dare ask for help from family or friend?

Will the agency have a reliable stranger to send?

You know you can make it; you’ve done it before,

The days will be filled with children and much more.


You’re a woman, a daughter or sister or wife,

Maybe single or divorced at this time in your life.

But a mother defines you every day of the week,

For your child is special and very unique.


You know what is best for them in every way,

Their care and needs in your hands every day.

You love them more than words can define,

But you wonder if you’ll have any free time.


How do you care for yourself and your special needs?

You reach for inspiration to plant uplifting seeds,

In your mind these things make you feel empowered,

So others won’t think of you as a hopeless coward.


You seek support from mothers who have special kids,

When your child has a seizure they don’t flip their lids.

It’s a comfort to know someone is there to uphold you,

When you’re feeling alone, forgotten, defeated or blue.


Old friends have stopped calling or coming around,

You miss all the good times but it’s a new life you have found.

You wish that they understood you need what they need,

Just a friend, a phone call, or a good book to read.


A cup of coffee or tea, a night with the girls,

Your hair fixed up with those long lost curls,

A dinner or dance, just a laugh or a beer,

A movie that makes you shed a small tear.


You’re a woman, a mother, a daughter, a friend,

An advocate for your child, who will fight to the end,

You’ve counted your blessings; you know who you are,

For your child you wish upon every shooting star.


Stand up and be proud of all that you’ve done,

It has been exhausting, ongoing and not always fun,

But you’ve done a great job, you know that for sure

With your unending love which will always endure.


Kiss your child good night and hug them once again,

Know what a difference you’ve made as hard as it’s been.

Remember tomorrow when the new day is about to start,

You’re a mother who loves from deep down in your heart.


Hugs to all the special parents!

~Pam Blackburn (just trying to express)


3 Responses

  1. A beautifully written testament to all the “members of the club”. You have captured the truth of this life because you live it. Those who also live it have a heartfelt and deep connection with your words. It’s a very lonely life, it’s a tough life, but it is also a beautiful life with it’s own rewards….the rewards of this life are the mysteries evident in the eyes of our kids! Great post, Pam!

  2. Wow! What a powerful message!! I want to share it would that be okay. Repost on a FB closed group page. I feel for you! You are an angel alive and walking on the earth today! What an honor to hear your story, so inspirational to me. Thank you- Laura Powell

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