How It All Began

Because it’s Adoption Awareness Month I was looking through my blogs to repost a previous one on adoption. I thought this was it, but instead realized I veer off topic rather frequently. So, it all began with Melissa’s adoption and somehow turned into a massage. This was in the early days of introducing myself and my family, so in some small way it makes sense. It did all begin with adoption—that life-changing, redefining moment–the story of who I was and who I am today…

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The decision to adopt was an easy one.   The process of adoption was much more difficult.  The bureaucracy, the agencies, the paperwork, the discussions, the classes, the prying into our personal lives, proved to be exhausting.  The final payoff though, was worth every agonizing moment. 

Our Social Worker quietly whispered to my husband and I that she would like to see us in her office after the group concluded.  “Could there be a problem,” I wondered?  “Did we get a negative reference?  Was there more paperwork?”  It was too early in the process for her to have a child identified for us. 

The class seemed to go on forever and the anticipation was growing stronger.  Finally 9:00 rolled around; we helped her straighten up the room and said good-bye to our fellow classmates.  We met in her office where she pulled out a note, which was tucked under other paperwork…

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