I’m just Trying To Express things I’m passionate about and all the different roles that make me who I am.  I’m positive (except when I’m not), honest, real and sometimes sarcastic. I am the mother of five children, some born to us and others adopted, all special, and some with additional needs. Our home will most likely never be an empty nest and I am hoping to meet others who share this common thread. I’d love to hear the ways you have positively met the challenges that come with raising children with developmental disabilities into adulthood. Feel free to leave your comments and share my blogs.

Just trying to express, Pam

You can connect with me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/pam.ella.blackburn

My new website should be up and running soon:  http://trying2express.com/

5 Responses

  1. This is a beautiful website and a great idea. I love your style of writing and the ideas behind it!

  2. Create a communication card at UsendU.com. This website site was developed to allow users to express themselves. We believe our new enterprise will provide an online stage for expressive communications. Visit the site and create a free card. Send that card up to 100 people for free on your initial visit. Think outside the box. Contact us if you are non-profit or wish to discuss some marketing ideas.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Bill. I’m going to check out the website and see what its all about. Many of the readers here may find this very useful and I’ll share it on my FB page as well for others that may be interested.

  3. A wonderful site..I too admire your commitment. I also write in my son’s voice and I am sure we have much in common…please join is at http://www.healingandempowerment.blogspot.com

    Warmest Regards and hope in a bright future

    • Thanks Phil. I’ve been reading your blogs and love them! I’ve learned so much from you just today in the little bit I read. Thanks for sharing your site and hope others here take the time to check it out also!

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